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Foodtastic Finds: Cookie Butter

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Today’s foodtastic find hails from Trader Joe’s. This, my friends, is cookie butter. It is like peanut butter, but derived from cookies and biscuits.

I first heard about this from a friend and it sparked my curiosity. I’m a sucker for peanut butter-type products because I practically live off of them as a college student.

Cookie butter retails for $3.69. As a comparison, another specialty peanut butter, the Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful (which is still on my ‘to try’ list), costs $3.74 at Target.

I noticed this little tidbit on the jar and decided to try some combinations on waffles and bread (two of my dorm room staples). Here are my reactions:

First impressions: it looks exactly like peanut butter. But it has a very distinct smell of spices such as gingerbread and cinnamon. Later on I figured out that it reminded me of the Biscoff cookies that were given on airplanes. It definitely has a peanut butter quality in that it is more of a nutty and smooth flavor. It’s not necessarily sweet.

I first spread it on waffles.

Usually, I spread Nutella on my waffles. These are the Van’s Wheat-Gluten Free Waffles (I buy mine from Target).

First impressions of the waffles with cookie butter alone: it tasted bland. Like if you were to spread peanut butter on waffles. If you like that taste, definitely do this. If you need something sweet, this next combination is surely for you.

ADD NUTELLA TO THE COOKIE BUTTER. Nutella just automatically makes everything taste better, in my opinion. This combination is simply amazing! You can definitely pick up the cookie/biscuit flavors (mainly like gingerbread and nutmeg). When this mixes with the hazelnut and cocoa from the Nutella, it’s just heaven.

After my taste buds did their happy dance, I experimented with bread.

On the left is peanut butter with cookie butter, on the right is Nutella with cookie butter.

The jar said to try peanut butter cookie sandwiches, and it just didn’t cut it for me. I felt like I was layering two different varieties of peanut butter. I’m not one to eat peanut butter on toast with nothing else. If you have a knack for that, try this combination because it adds an unexpected hint of spice.

The side with Nutella, however, was brilliant. I have had one too many peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches in my college career, so substituting peanut butter with cookie butter definitely made my taste buds sing. Again, the mix of the gingerbread-biscuit flavors with hazelnut is excellent.

Verdict: Cookie butter serves as a great replacement for peanut butter if you are willing to try something new. Add cookie butter to what you would usually put peanut butter on. And adding Nutella is an extra bonus. Definitely a great buy for autumn and the upcoming holiday season!

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UPDATE: The jar says cookie butter is 57% “Speculoos.” After some research, I learned that Speculoos is a type of biscuit from the Netherlands/Belgium. The jar also notes that it is a “Product of The Netherlands.” According to this website, “the name of the cookie comes from the Latin derivite ‘species’, which means ‘spices’.” They look almost identical to the Biscoff cookies, and I would not be surprised if they both originate from the same cookie family. Incredible!


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