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Restaurant Review: Benihana, 56th St. Manhattan, NY

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Food: 4/5. I love how Benihana serves SO MUCH FOOD! Particularly with a hibachi order. Out of everything, my favorite is surprisingly the house salad. It is served with a tangy ginger dressing that I love! I think I’m just a sucker for tangy dressings, but this one does not have an acidic taste like Italian dressing as an example. Also, the sushi was tasty! The crispy spicy tuna and shrimp crunchy roll pictured above were excellent. I will say that this category did not receive a 5/5 because my main hibachi entree did not taste as good because it was not prepared in the kitchen as opposed to the open teppanyaki grill.

Ambiance: 5/5. My friend and I sat in the lounge area downstairs instead of the teppanyaki room upstairs because it was too crowded. The lounge was such a great atmosphere! It felt very modern because of the decor and dim lighting. The tables and chairs were smaller than usual, just like what you would find at a Japanese restaurant.

Service: 5/5. I will admit that the friend I dined with works here, so call me biased if you will. But I noticed that the servers were incredibly friendly and outgoing. The food was also prepared very quickly! About 20 minutes after my friend and I ordered, it was brought to our table. And I think we ordered a lot of food. I do think that this is because we were seated in the lounge area. So, BIG TIP: if you are in the mood for teppanyaki but you wish to bypass the show that the chef puts on in the teppanyaki room, opt for lounge seating.

Price: $$$. Benihana is quite expensive (unless you’re dining with someone who works there, like I did. In that case, they can apply their large employee discount). Hibachi plates range from $30-$40. Special sushi rolls range from $5.25-$13.00. AND the extra bonus with sitting at the lounge are the lounge specials! These items, such as the crispy spicy tuna, are in the $10 price range.

*By the way, I just wanted to note that the difference between teppanyaki and hibachi are the way that they are cooked. Teppanyaki uses a flat, iron or steel surface and hibachi is like an open flame barbecue that uses charcoal to heat up. The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but according to my research, this is the difference.


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